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Health care: daily massage five parts easily live to nine

author:Guohongrun date:2016-03-15

1, foot

Human feet have more than 70 points, six meridians starting and ending in the feet. Scientists also believe that human feet there are thousands of nerve endings, in close contact with the brain and heart, in close contact with the ministries of human organs, the human foot is called "second heart", the importance of foot care visible. Often curved toes, walking, step on cobblestones, warm feet, which have legs to promote blood flow. The distal end of the blood to the heart and body, regulating yin and yang balance, disease prevention, health and longevity.

2, armpits 

Axillary stimulation can promote blood circulation. Axillary vascular, lymphatic, nerve most richest place. It is the mystery of fitness, this is to make people laugh after stimulation; laugh so that all organs can get movement, promote blood circulation, and various organs are exchanged sufficient nutrients and oxygen, the brain, heart and lung benefit a great deal. The experts call it "the armpit movement."

3, chest

Friction chest can enhance the body immunity. Scientists found that the thymus is the master of one's chest the entire immune system, the body's most important immune organ, the thymus secreted immune activity limb substances that can monitor the body cell mutation, and mercilessly destroy it; while there are anti infection function and disease resistance; on aging also have a role. Every day hand palm friction chest, the hole shall be subordinate to the chest department to point 100-200 times, can activate the thymus, play a disease prevention and fitness, illnesses and sickness effect.

4, the spine

Spine can nourish the body organs. Spine is an area of great concern to health experts, it is the body's largest two meridians passing places Du. Relationship on both sides of the spine and internal organs meridian extremely close. Often massage the spine, it can stimulate the meridian dredge, so that blood running, blood flow, and a fitness nourish the body organs.

5, navel

Navel often health experts as a health camp "fortress." God navel hole group, Chinese medicine commonly used drugs patching the navel, angina, indigestion and other diseases. Regular massage navel prevention and treatment of stroke effect, can fitness mysterious disease and prolong life.