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While summer is a seasonal disease with multiple health is critical

author:Guohongrun date:2016-05-03

The turn of spring and summer, the temperature gradually increased, coupled with humid air, climate variability and other factors make intestinal infectious diseases, fungal diseases such as pink eye and skin prone to seasonal diseases. Today, the public's increasing emphasis on health, this time from the spring to summer transition is very important. Then, in the spring and summer turn of the seasonal disease What are the symptoms, and health they need to pay attention to what?

While summer should pay attention to what multiple seasonal disease?
A intestinal disease
In summer, food is easy to spoilage, food and the number of bacteria in the water than in the winter, once the improper diet, prone to diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and other gastrointestinal symptoms, causing bacterial enteritis, acute gastrointestinal inflammation and acute dysentery, etc. occur. Mode of transmission of intestinal infectious diseases are mainly water-borne, food-borne, close contact, insects, etc., are common bacteria, virus is man's mouth into the intestine, the digestive system in the growth and reproduction, and thus disease.
B pinkeye
Frequent rain early summer weather, leading to greater humidity in the air. The red eye (ie, acute epidemic conjunctivitis) often in hot and humid rain season episodes popular. Since the incubation period is short pink eye, easier within 24 hours after the onset of infection. Under normal circumstances, the patient will be conscious eye pain, photophobia, tearing, foreign body sensation, watery discharge, conjunctival often punctate, flaky bleeding and other symptoms. Accordingly, we got pink eye, one should prevent infection, and second, to timely treatment. Wash and wipe the patient to someone special items. Photophobia patients can wear dark glasses to prevent eye glare burns.
C dry skin
Because fungi prefer warm, humid environment, optimum growth temperature of 22 ℃ ~ 36 ℃. Thus, athlete's foot caused by fungus, ringworm, jock itch, tinea versicolor in particular, occur in the summer, the light performance of pimples, blisters, redness, peeling and other symptoms, may occur erosion, chapped.
As the saying goes, as tonic medicine. For those who prefer the health of people who eat very important. In the turn of spring and summer, eat and pay attention to?
First, the nutritional needs to keep up, the spring and summer period, the human body requires a lot of nutrients for uptake, therefore eggs, meat and other protein-rich foods essential to note that, remember not to intake of high protein stuff.
Secondly, dietary needs and rational allocation of light, we must reduce the intake of food oils, cooking cooking, be sure to eat some soybean oil, olive oil and so on. For three meals a day, a reasonable allocation. For some partners who need to control weight, to control the appropriate total calorie intake. Generally speaking, it is 30% in the morning, at noon is 40%, dinner 30%.
Third, pay attention to food with the primary and secondary, the staple food is very important, and is the main source of energy. In short principle is to eat the staple food, non-staple food must eat fishes; eat high-fiber foods, usually eat more fruits and vegetables. And should be appropriate to eat some ginger, chives can dispel the chill food, for the prevention of influenza is of great benefit; attention to acid-base mix, usually for meat, fish, poultry and some acidic foods to eat more of it, Over time the body will have some impact, therefore also appropriate intake of some basic foods.
Also, summer is the temperature changes, the air is too humid, pay attention to the health of the body, the human body to prevent moisture intrusion. There are eight major considerations:
1, sooner or later, 2 ventilation windows, balconies do not accumulate items 3, 4 least twice a week to clean the room, the toilet must clean and fresh 5 "turns warm again" 6 careful cold, warm and humid climate carefully infection 7, "flowers bloom "careful allergy 8," sunny "Be careful of sunburn