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After the holiday a lot of people back pain stomach upset, dizziness flu

author£ºGuohongrun date£º2016-03-15

Visiting friends and relatives, to visit relatives on New Year reunions ...... inevitably eating and drinking during the Spring Festival, the night entertainment. So, go to work after the holiday, indigestion, do not want to work, procrastination, "holiday syndrome" came to the door, and even some cold dizziness, stomach upset, back pain and other physical sub-health condition listless like. Recently, this reporter specifically asked the city MCH rehabilitation expert ideas, let you restore the "struggle mode."

"This is the holiday break gave birth rate, many people have seen a whole body weakness, lethargy, inability to concentrate energy work and other symptoms, in fact, this is the 'Festival of sub-health syndrome' at work." Maternal and Child Health Hospital Rehabilitation Department Director Long Yao Chun said that during the holiday, people's biological clock is disrupted, irregular diet, easy holiday mental imbalance, the emergence of various sub-health symptoms, but also likely to cause various diseases 

Five cards even play three days suppressed tired arm

This year 41-year-old Ho is a five-star punch enthusiasts, Zhuxi Chinese New Year back home, met with friends and family, Mr. Ho's "Mahjong addiction" would not stop, and the third day to the fifth day even hit a three-day card star almost every day to sit at the mahjong table more than 12 hours, the sixth day of getting ready for work back Shiyan Ho appeared neck pain, shoulder pain, hand numbness symptoms, could not lift his arms tired. After a medical examination, because Ho punch star too long, long seat and sustained neck and right arm muscle tension, muscle cramps, fatigue, induced nerve root type cervical spondylosis.

Long Spring Festival holiday, the Internet, watching TV, playing mahjong and other recreational activities increase, to sit down at least a few hours more than the night, neck, lumbar spine to maintain a posture for a long time, likely to cause muscle spasms, stiffness, resulting in neck pain, back pain and other problems.

Long Chun Yao suggested that Ho should immediately stop punch star, look at mobile phones, long-distance truck open cervical injury and activity, cervical get enough rest, sleep time and quality assurance, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, rest can be alleviated by . If the rest does not relieve pain or unbearable, and even affect the functional activity of the body, they must seek immediate medical attention.

Feasting stomach "rebel"

"During the Spring Festival, whether at home or to friends and family, dinner, dinner is a lot, eat a lot of it is easy insisted. Just Guowanchunjie, eat a little every day when there is no appetite does not say, and what to eat vomit." This year 31-year-old Chen Wei New Year back home, lavish meals a day, two days back home, no matter what his wife meal, but also can not afford to hang his appetite, upset stomach and feel old, little appetite at all.

Long Yao Chun said, a variety of delicacies holidays everyone's appetite, greasy dishes, a substantial increase in gastrointestinal burden surge can easily cause symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, stomach acid and the like. "Patients with such symptoms may be appropriate to eat some hawthorn Jianweixiaoshi sheet or sheets to increase gastric motility. Festival try to eat a little light meals, so stuffed with fish stomach rest, often walking, jogging, doing gymnastics , stretching, etc., do something to make their own rapid heartbeat, sweating exercise, let your body and mind 'moving' up, appetite will adjust to a normal state. "

Work one week fever Qi battle

During the Spring Festival, a trading company in the city to work Lee and friends, old classmates gathering every day at three or four points to go home and rest, sleep until two or three in the afternoon to get up. Festival first day of work, Ms. Lee felt light-headed, fever runny nose and other cold symptoms, so weak, dry work very tired, but unfortunately that afternoon off to hospital.

During the holiday, both young and old, gathered on "Cheers friend," and this excessive entertainment easy to make the body's immune function decline, balance disorders, very happy beverages. A long time in air pollution and entertainment, but also easily lead to respiratory diseases, usually in patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and other diseases, but also lead to over-play stroke, angina, myocardial infarction, or even sudden death.

Long Yao Chun said that during the holiday do not over indulge yourself, do not play through the night for several days, especially for a long time in smoke-filled enclosed space to sing and dance, every hour should be a change of fresh air to the outside. Work after the holiday, should also win their hearts as soon as possible, adjusting the normal schedule and eating habits, exercise to enhance their resistance.