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Women backache, low back pain usually how few women convalescence diet recipe

author£ºGuohongrun date£º2016-03-15

Sometimes back pain is a reflection of a disease, but in most cases is due to overwork, abnormal posture, stress and improper bedding (bed, pillows, etc.), inappropriate clothing (such as long through the tight jeans) other causes. Back pain, is a woman most difficult problem. Man with back pain control, as long as men to improve posture, plus warm-up before exercise, can significantly improve the symptoms of back pain. But the woman's back pain, but also involves the maintenance of the menstrual period, the choice of shoes, and kitchen space design

Women back pain symptoms:

When the spinal nerves are bone spurs or disc when pressed, thighs, legs and feet will be numb, there will be severe throbbing when severe, which is called "sciatica." In addition, because of osteoporosis, prone to compression fracture between the vertebrae, this time in addition to spinal pain, the pain will be drawn into the chest.

Women usually how backache Wellness

Back pain, the most intelligent choice is to immediately ask the physician to check the health department; but the work of two busy family woman, the correct seating position, allowing no time to see your physician to obtain appropriate relief.

When you feel low back pain, it is recommended that you: First, the best way to lie down, bending the body, lying on the mattress. Mattress too soft or strong, it is best to adjust the mattress hardness. If customary supine, it is imperative pillows behind the knee, so that the feet slightly raised.

Second, soak in warm water, do not more than fifteen minutes time, the best available in the market with the sale of hot springs powder, bath oils or essences, can alleviate the suffering of low back pain.

Third, check your shoes. The presentation pointed toe, heel higher than five centimeters or more, shoe materials excellent shoes, all closed up. To wear round or square toe flat shoes, sports shoes versatile shape is also suitable for wearing.

Fourth, check on the kitchen table height. Try to match their height select the appropriate flow management units. This part of the kitchen to the major exhibition center can try to understand the various flow management units operating height of the impact on their own housework.

Fifth, to increase calcium intake, eat more soy milk, tofu, buttermilk, milk and other foods, through calcium supplement, slow down bone loss, to avoid the occurrence of osteoporosis. Mitigation way of life of low back pain, can only be a temporary solution, not the illness. Be prevented in normal life is very important.

Some women diet low back pain remedies

1, Panax to Huangshou broth

Thirty-seven 12 g broken, and habitat 30 grams, jujube 4, 300 Ke Rusha lean pork pot, add water, boil piecemeal heat and simmer for 1 hour to lean meat Shulan, put the transfer of salt to taste. Yin Tang to eat meat every other day one.

Functional blood circulation, and pain. Indications Qi stagnation acute lumbar disc herniation.

2, Panax frog stew

Fat frog 2 (about 200 grams), peeled, head, viscera, March 15 grams broken, jujube 4 to the core, with the steaming pot, add water, boil after piecemeal simmer for 1-2 hours . Yin Tang meat, 1 / day.

Function: qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain. Indications of blood stasis, spleen and stomach lumbar disc herniation.

3, Panax pig hamstring soup

Pig hamstring 200 grams, 50 grams of lean meat in boiling water bodies, fishing into the casserole, plus 37 15 grams (broken). Jujube 4, after a total water Jian Fei piecemeal simmer for 1-2 hours. Yin Tang meat, 1 / day.

Function: blood and pain, sinews and bones. Indications of blood stasis, kidney deficiency lumbar disc herniation.

4, porridge Aconitum

Chuanwu (powder) 5 grams, honey, ginger 2, with 50 grams of rice into the casserole, add water over low heat boiled thick porridge. Morning and evening take, 1 / day.

Function: expelling wind, cold, dehumidification. Indications alpine and even more blockage of lumbar disc herniation.