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Promoting Chinese medicine to the world

author£ºGuohongrun date£º2016-03-15

"Tu Yo Yo won the Nobel Prize, once again proved to the world of Traditional Chinese medicine recommend and carry out 'along the way' strategy to promote Chinese medicine to the world." NPC deputy and chairman of the Jiangsu Kang Xiao Wei Yuan Group called for consideration .

Since ancient times, "Silk Road" to enhance the exchange of Chinese and foreign medicine, but also to have some knowledge of Chinese medicine in countries along. The State Council has issued a notice clearly Chinese medicine to participate in "all the way along the" construction. "Strategic Plan development of Chinese medicine" on the expansion of trade and foreign investment in Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to promote the technology, drugs, standards and services "going out" to strategic planning.

"However, the current Chinese medicine go face many difficulties, 'along the way' there is a big difference in the countries along the legislative and recognized degree in medicine, many negative factors in access to medicine, to individual areas of drug safety and efficacy imprecise grounds of sex, more restrictive laws and regulations. "Xiao Wei admitted that due to the relevant international standards and norms missing, having the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, has been recognized by most of the world has not been established normative standards, international exchanges and cooperation of Chinese medicine often blocked.

To further integrate the countries along the characteristics of traditional medicine and folk medicine, and strengthen cooperation with countries along in the field of medicine, government guidance and market operation of the combination model, to carry out targeted Chinese medicine in health care, education, research and industry, etc. areas of cooperation. Among them, the state should encourage and support outstanding Chinese enterprises to cooperate with "along the way" along the country in the field of medicine, and actively promote the relevant standards of Chinese medicine, the implementation of Chinese medicine international standard certification system, and make some effective, safe and reliable , uniform quality varieties of Chinese medicine to get along in some countries recognition and licensing, and effectively enhance the competitive advantages of Chinese medicine.

State departments should strengthen communication and cooperation with "along the way" along the country in terms of drug registration, to promote Chinese medicine recognized in countries along the drug registration and related medical management regulations, while strengthening the core standards to regulate the protection of intellectual property and trade cooperation, and promote the national culture of Chinese medicine and traditional medicine along cultural integration development.