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Health: middle-aged people maintain your brain yet

author:Guohongrun date:2016-05-03

Midlife forgetfulness is the law

Memory and forgetting is a regular occurrence and development from our birth, the brain gradually develop improved until middle age. Middle-aged man was walking down from the peak beginning of the process, after the normal middle-aged forget rate began to accelerate, which is the first physical laws, is a normal phenomenon, under normal circumstances, it does not affect the life and work.
Zhuqi Wen said that forgetting is a normal physiological phenomenon, memory and forgetting there is a pattern, an hour can only remember 44% of the content of the day to be able to remember the content of 1/3. Within a few short-term memory is called memory, more than a few minutes, a few hours or a few days a few years, we are divided into long-term memory.
Why middle-aged man's memory began to fall out? Zhuqi Wen said memory by genetics, gene expression, protein and other effects, and the molecular structure of the brain determines the final memory. Neurons in the tightness of the link determines the memory is good or bad, middle age, this structure will be loose, it becomes sparse up between the cells and therefore, memory is not as a young man, forgetting is normal. Forgotten how to make a little less complex brain is how to store our memories of it? Forgetting how to make it a little less?
The human brain is the body's thinking, senior center consciousness, thoughts, feelings, emotions control organs, the body's most complex "machine", the human brain also needs regular maintenance. Brain is like a computer CPU, like high-speed operation overheated too. Memory is like hard drives and memory, the memory is the hippocampus region of the brain, a hard disk for storing dispersed in various regions of the brain-wide, very wide.
When memory starts, human short-term memory are processed into an area of the brain, and then automatically to the memory of this label, easy access to. And other needs of this memory, the brain has been categorized Find stored label from the corresponding area, and then taken out of tune.
Forgotten in three reasons
Brain looks quite orderly, it is easy to forget why the middle-aged? Zhuqi Wen said that the three major causes of middle-aged love to forget things.
Take the wrong brain "tab": The first is the brain put things too messy, though able to let go, but too many tags similar brain patterns when looking at the operation will be mismatches. "For example, a lot of things can not remember, but wondering when things will suddenly think of something else, which is the brain in the process of finding a mismatch." Zhuqi Wen expressed.
Not put attention: in most cases can not remember because attention is not put in place. Not deep deep impression depends on whether the focus of attention, was of particular concern if something, the brain will automatically start priority selection mode, first of all remember it. In particular, middle-aged, family, career, friends, network ...... after a lot of information over, attention is relatively lower, when the distraction, the brain will not remember the profound, it is easy to forget.
Lack of sleep the brain is not the time to sort: one killer entrap memory is lack of sleep. Zhuqi Wen introduction, 23:00 to 3:00 is part of deep sleep. This time what the brain is doing it? It really is not lazy to rest, this time, in the brain similar to the computer defragment the daytime contact information to sort out their own label, and then homing. "From a biological perspective, which is a gene, protein background operation." After the middle-aged brain needs maintenance since so many reasons that can ruin our memory, so, what method to save middle-aged memory of it getting worse ? Zhuqi Wen said do not patronize the maintenance of the body, we must learn to maintain the middle-aged brain.
Finishing time to the brain: sleep well at night, be sure to ensure the effective depth of sleep more than 4 hours. "Sleep refers to ensure the quality of sleep, not necessarily more than eight hours.
Brain Game play point: Some intelligence that allows the brain to get exercise. Shown with Sudoku, crossword puzzles, note cards, grocery shopping afterwards, as well as with the requirements of logical analysis of electronic games.
Oxygenation to the brain: body oxygen two highest organ is the brain and the heart, the heart is the body of the pump and the need to think about the brain, neurons need large amounts of oxygen supply. So that there is sufficient oxygen in the brain need to be aerobic exercise, which is equivalent to the brain to provide gasoline.
To ensure that the intake of lecithin: brain cell metabolism need help brain phospholipids and lecithin. There are a lot of brain phospholipids and lecithin, as in foods: oatmeal, nuts, walnuts, egg yolk are rich in brain phospholipids and lecithin. Many people worry about high cholesterol can not eat chicken egg yolk, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. "Generate membrane cholesterol must be involved in brain nerve cells, no cholesterol will affect its normal function. A day to eat eggs is possible."
Eat less red meat and more fish: improve blood supply, can not drink red wine, increase the supply of oxygen. At the same time, eat less red meat, eat more fish. Fish not only contains lecithin and cephalin, but also easy to digest protein, the amount deposited in the blood vessel is also low.
Non-smoker: heavy smoke damage to brain tissue, in particular a cigarette after a meal is more harmful heavy. Nicotine can cause excitement, cause a range of metabolic problems. Long-term accumulation will accelerate the deterioration of brain memory.