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White-collar shoulder, low back pain first, do not worry try six small coup

author£ºGuohongrun date£º2016-03-15

White-collar workers will sit at a desk motionless busy at work, at the beginning of a simple sore shoulders back pain, cervical spondylosis frozen shoulder a long time to all the young age have these diseases, pain when up even work no mood to really hurt can not afford ah. Has sore shoulders back pain, then how to prevent it?

Sore shoulders back pain how to do:

1, observe your posture

When the spine in a natural upright position it is most healthy.

Poor posture, such as slouched over in his chair, leaned lying on the desk, will cause the spine deviate from the normal position, too much pressure on the pressure in the back muscles. When should you feel ill try to maintain good posture.

2, give back to support

Another way to help maintain good posture approach is a small pillow or cushion on the lower back arch column portion when sitting, which can provide support for the lower back, relieve muscle too much pressure. Especially when you're sitting on the couch watching TV or when driving long distances, remember to buy their own lumbar pillow, and constantly changing the inclination of the backrest.

3, regular activities

In the office sedentary you need at least an hour to stand up and look at the activities. If you can not leave the office, try to folders and other items in a location you have to stand up in order to get to, or conscious stand answering phones, walk after lunch break.

4, stretching back

On the desk of the people, stretching back to prevent and alleviate back pain. Adhere to 15 minutes straightened every at work, hands placed on the lower back, back leaned. When stretching movements should be slow and steady.

5, appropriate lifting items

Lifting a box, a bag of food, can cause back pain. When you mention something, it would be as close as possible to the body. Do not straighten the arm or bend over to pick up items, should try to keep your back upright, then bend the knee squat to pick up. Handbags do not overweight, if you are used filled with magazines, cosmetics, keys, wallet handbag, please relieve handbags burden. Handbags overweight significantly increases the back of the burden caused by back pain, it is recommended that you use the backpack, it will make the weight in the back of a balanced distribution.

6, sleep exercise

Knee underlay when lying down pillows, to ensure that the neck and spine in the same horizontal line; if it is lateral, keeping the knees bent. But in any case you must use a pillow low thickness, because of the high pillow will force the neck formed upward at an angle, so that the curvature of the spine.

In one position for a long time a lot of harm to the body, especially in the cervical and lumbar spine, so in his spare time, we must stand up and move a bit, walk, exercise some protection spine after work, so as to ease sedentary body harm, and maintaining good health.