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Cyclist on how to prevent neck and back pain

author£ºGuohongrun date£º2016-03-15

Cycling should be a triathlon in the most scientific. Good with a special geometry of the unique biomechanical characteristics (height and body) on each athlete physiology, and cycling between, thereby to achieve the best performance. In other words, be sure to make a bike loaned by the body's skeletal muscles to waste too much effort to fight the resistance, because when the body at the time of the operation beyond the upper limit biomechanics, injury is inevitable.

Although the neck and upper back injuries than the small chance of lower back injury, but still often occur, mainly because of the neck and head and continue to maintain the same position for too long when riding. Hyperextension cervical and thoracic excessive bending process, a large pressure is concentrated in these two locations, resulting in partial or between these two injuries. If the athlete or unusual movements there before old wounds, and that this position could cause injury.

The primary prevention method, we recommend triathletes can guide you borrow from professional cycling coach how stretching back to the appropriate location in the neck and upper. Like sitting at a computer all day, sitting on the bike, the spine causing tension and stiff posture on, resulting in a potential overuse injuries. Neck and prevention campaign on the back, neck and upper back position on the bike is how, in the stretch that you should focus on is the opposite direction.

In addition, the "wall of angels" law is good prevention campaigns occurred cervical and upper back injuries.

Position 1: start movement is back, buttocks, arms and head against the wall.

Position 2: raised his arm too far, and slowly lowered the arm along the wall, focus on squeezing the shoulder closer.

He made a total of 2-3 groups, each 10-15 next.