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Sedentary back pain massage can relieve Weizhong

author£ºGuohongrun date£º2016-03-15

Back pain is a symptom of many diseases can be caused by these diseases and some will be more severe, the patient needs to be taken seriously. Different genders, different ages of the reasons people are not the same as back pain, back pain most people are middle-aged. 

Causes of back pain are:

First, lower back pain, inflammatory disease, low back pain caused by inflammation of the vertebrae more generally refers to an acute infection, osteomyelitis spine, but relatively rare. Soft tissue fibrous tissue inflammation, chronic fasciitis, inflammation around the third lumbar transverse process, the vertebral osteochondritis, vertebral osteomyelitis, rheumatic back pain, back pain and other rheumatoid belong to this category.

Second, metabolic diseases caused by low back pain, metabolic diseases belong spinal osteoporosis (senile bone loose change), osteomalacia, hypertrophic spinal disease (belonging to degenerative diseases, can also be counted Metabolism of one of the diseases) and the like.

Third, the deformity caused by back pain, spinal deformity can cause low back pain are: spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, sacral level, hemivertebrae, a certain degree of lumbar sacral and sacral vertebrae of the lumbar, scoliosis, facet joint asymmetry. Also limb deformity can also cause back pain, such as congenital two legs of unequal length, clubfoot, knee valgus, flat foot plantar, polio sequelae.

Fourth, the trauma caused by back pain, traumatic back pain is divided into acute and chronic. Acute trauma refers to serious injury caused by anatomical damage to the bone or soft tissue; chronic lower back injury means damage caused by acute or repetitive trauma over the transitional caused minor injuries. Such as fracture, interspinous ligament rupture or dislocation of the spine and chronic fatigue, fall into this category.

Some simple methods can relieve back pain

1. Respiratory

Reasonable breathing patterns could help to focus and identify training areas, to achieve a multiplier effect. Strain recovery exercise should not be rushed, please take a deep breath, to complete a static confrontation slow breathing process.

2. Soothing neck

A. carotid

Action Tips: look straight ahead, torso intact, head slowly toward the side (visual urging their own to choose with the ipsilateral hand), maintaining 8-10 seconds, then slowly return to the original position.

TIPS: do not hold your breath during exercise, concentrate on stretching the muscles, feeling its movement.

B. indenter

Action Tips: This action may well stimulate the trapezius muscle and shoulder and neck between. As shown, the hand on the rear side of the head, then slowly push the head obliquely downward and then head --- extreme force, will hand the "top" back into place.

TIPS: in the process to fully experience the confrontation between the head and hands.