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Physiotherapy Mechanism

The Treatment Mechanism for SABIA Dedicated Electrode Plate

SABIA Dedicated Electrode Plate adopts innovative combination therapy and it consists of plaster, conductive aluminum foil and core liquor plaster.

  • The Plaster can be firmly pasted the electrode plate and the affected part of the skin to prevent the liquid spills and volatile of the core liquor plaster in the treatment.

  • The aluminum foils are able to enhance the conductivity, but also resist the liquids erosion for the electrode plate, which can protect the electrode plate and extend the service life.

  • The core liquor plaster is produced by exclusive formula and has distinctly effect on Rheumatism. With high penetrability, the liquor can heat spontaneously and has faster effect and higher absorptivity than oral medicine. Also, it wont hurt spleen and stomach and has no side effect.

By means of the nine modes of the therapy device , such as bionic massage, tapping, acupuncture and so on, it could help open the pores of the affected area, put the plaster and high concentration liquid of core liquor plaster on the illness position to achieve the result of disease control and pain relief. Replenish the core nutrition of nidus, repair the damaged cartilago articularis, improve immunity of skeletal muscle, and rebuild organization protection system.