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Cervical spondylosis

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Rheumatoid Arthritis


Frozen shoulder

Product Features:

  • 1¡¢Pulse is applied to the electrode paste special treatment:High frequency of treatment, penetration ability, can stimulate the body deeper gongs and acupuncture points, directly to lesions.
  • 2¡¢Digital technology:Using high-tech, digital circuitry, digital microcomputer CPU chip technology, gray machine functions, stable and reliable product performance, taken with a wide range.
  • 3¡¢Advanced design:The use of more simple, use the opportunity to read the instructions later.
  • 4¡¢Treatment methods varied:Fish oil full-featured, IF, kneading, massage, acupuncture, beat, and other nine kinds of functions Annong.
  • 5¡¢Treatment of many parts:The therapy device uses advanced Ali's therapy (ie therapy pain points) with special warm-type electrode attached to the body at the treatment of pain, but also can be part of the treatment for each patient. Rheumatic disease is especially effective.
This machine supporting parts
Technical Specifications
Power supply voltage: AC 220V ¡À 22V, 50Hz ¡À 1Hz DC 12V Total power: less than 30V
Timing function: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, three-block timing countdown Operating frequency: 50Hz ¡À 10%
The maximum single pulse energy output should not exceed 300mj
The reference load (reference value 500¦¸ Tolerance ¡À 5% of non-inductive resistor), the output pulse amplitude multi-adjustable, locking any mode how family therapy output intensity, the output RMS It should be incremented, and within the range of 0V ~ 20V.
When the treatment instrument load, the maximum output amplitude value must be no more than 25V (50mA)
Output open circuit, the output voltage peak value is not more than 500V
When the power is turned on after the interruption can not be output on the therapy device
Safety: ¢ò Class BF type application site Host size: 222 ¡Á 140 ¡Á 73mm
This machine use
  • 1.Before using the machine, if conditions allow, the best hot bath (Fig. 1), so that the pores of the skin open, then apply to the affected area with ginger tablets or liquid (the company has produced) (Fig. 2 ),rub off the cuticle skin lesion, better treatment.

  • 2.The product host and all accessories (FIG. 3), in turn connected to the electrode wire electrode plate on a host (Fig. 4).

  • 3.Yer warm white seal affixed adhesive paper and the electrode plate, wet paste into the open warmed stickers oval recess (Fig. 5), torn yellow paper seal, will warm the affected area aligned with a sticker affixed to good If the affected area is not solid paste can be used to tie fixed electrode paste (Fig. 6), and then connect the host power supply;

  • 4.According to host panel "Power" button, power, enters the standby state (Fig. 7), press the timer button to set the treatment time of 10 minutes, three times for 30 minutes, is recommended treatment time to 30 minutes. (Fig. 8)

  • 5.The therapy device has a full-function, frequency, kneading, massage, cupping, acupuncture, beat, scraping, nine kinds of massage therapy function mode, press the function key for the whole function, press twice the intermediate frequency, and so on (Figure 9 ) recommended kneading or tapping mode, and then locked (Fig. 10).

  • 6.Intensity adjustment, initially set to 0, no display and output intensity, press the upper "+" key to increase the output intensity (Figure 11), and press the "-" key to decrease the output intensity, the intensity of the left control key corresponding to the output of treatment ¢¡, the right of the key corresponding to the output intensity adjustment ¢¢ (Fig. 12), the therapy device to work.

  • 7.After the end of treatment, the device automatically turns off, unplug the power cord, and remove the electrode plates, the electrode plate can be removed from the affected area at the end of treatment after 1 hour;

  • 8.The electrode paste disposable supplies, can not be reused (Figure 14).

1¡¢12V battery power available to do
2¡¢Treatment is completed, the automatic control of Fuling input, the screen displays any five, promptly turn off the power, unplug the power cord, remove the electrode paste can throw at 1-2 hours after the end of treatment.
3¡¢Warm electrode paste disposable supplies, can not be reused.
When do the treatment, the need to link parts and electrode paste is completed, in order to turn the power on and was overwhelmed by the intensity of the output, the output intensity is strictly prohibited to open another link parts, resulting in patient burns and damage to the side together!
1.Electrode paste must be sufficiently uniform contact with the skin, otherwise there is danger of getting burned.
2.As for the front and rear shock can not be both at the same time new slides area, around, click on any of the current placement method can not flow through the heart.
3¡¢Use if any discomfort, you should immediately stop the treatment.
4¡¢After each use, click on the part in contact with people should be cleaned and disinfected.
5¡¢It should be made clear, "under the guidance of doctors recommend."
6¡¢Should be made clear, "read the instructions before using."
7¡¢Two electrodes affixed to the good acceptance symmetrical parts or adjacent acupoints treatment.
8¡¢After treatment, nerve sensitivity improves, for subcutaneous burning sensation is normal.
9¡¢Click the two treatment should avoid direct touching, touching, to avoid damage to the instrument.
10¡¢Do high-frequency surgical equipment and therapeutic instrument connected to a body of a patient, in order to avoid burns and damage the therapy device therapy device electrodes.
Severe heart disease; hyperthyroidism home green skills; set with cardiac pacemakers, artificial heart-lung device, pacemakers were; locally metallic foreign body; pregnant and postpartum; fever by bleeding tendencies; cancer and cancer patients ; current can not tolerate; wounds and skin ulcer.